Years later in the aftermath of G & R Wrenn finally deciding to close their doors for business on their model railway production during 1992, David Boyle on behalf of his company Dapol, purchased what was left of the company the following year. This included all of the railway tools which he was specifically looking to obtain, intending to re-market these items under the Dapol umbrella. After the purchase his company made an assessment of everything that was available and items deemed non profitable to use or even save were taken to the local landfill site. This included most of what had been used to produce the Formula 152 range, a large proportion of the administrative paperwork and most of the injection moulding tools and the small press tools were deemed surplus to requirements. There were a few items of Formula 152 which made their way up to their factory in Winsford including a few spare items and even a number of VIP slot car bodies. As far as Wrenn Formula 152 was concerned David’s intention was to include some of these items as part of a Wrenn museum exhibition which he was planning for Dapol’s new premises in Llangollen.

In 2001 three Wrenn collectors purchased what was left from the original G & R Wrenn company that was not in production at Dapol. Subsequently they have produced a number of railway rolling stock items and in 2007 produced as a series of limited editions of a low wagon with a load of a single car. The car chosen was a Ferrari 256 and although this wasn’t moulded from the original tools it was a solid casting available painted in various colours, there wasn’t a windscreen but it did have the exhausts on either side. So although these visually are very similar to original Formula 152 Ferrari these cannot be confused with the original but they do serve as reminder.This may have been the very last item of Wrenn Formula 152 that has been produced or had a replica manufactured by anyone ……..we will have to see.

Nearly 50 years after the final production of Wrenn Formula 152 some items are still being discovered to contribute to the story of one of the pioneers of the slot racing hobby whose designers and engineers gave us such a revolutionary product for our hobby.