The range of Formula 152 Buildings were all manufactured from White polystyrene injection mouldings with painted and printed coloured decoration. They were each supplied in custom designed cardboard presentation boxes.

B1 – Trackside Pit

This White polystyrene building was a single piece injection moulding for a pair of pits having the roof, counter top and rear doors painted a matt Dark Grey. There were also two integral external storage-type boxes featured on the rear wall and these were painted Bright Red.

The pit name boards over each of the pits were printed with the names ‘Cooper’ & ‘Ferrari’ in Black and on the frontage below the counter the area has Brown brick outlines printed.

Superimposed on this brickwork area there were also printed advertisments for ‘K.L.G’ within a Red rectangle, a central ‘BP’ shield in Green & Yellow and ‘Lucas’ also within a Red rectangle on the right. A different version of the building was manufactured which featured alternative printed advertisements, this time including ‘Dunlop’ within a Red rectangle positioned centrally with ‘BP’ shields in Green & Yellow to either side. Behind each pit name board was a hole for the insertion of a short flagpole and also on the front, at the left hand end of each pit name board, was a vertical slot to accommodate one of the square White polystyrene racing car number boards being slid down aligning with the pit name board. A small square Blue paper bag was included with the building and on the outside it stated that the contents included ‘Transfers & Flags’.

This actually contained the two short White plastic flagpoles, two gummed paper international flags cut from the Flag Sheet, the pair of White polystyrene racing car number boards and two pairs of number roundel transfers cut from the transfer sheet. Later there was another version of the Trackside Pit produced which was relevant to the other types of cars that had been made available. Everything was exactly the same as the original building except that the pit name boards now had ‘Maserati’ & ‘Vanwall’ printed on them. The majority of Trackside Pit buildings seen are as above but another two variants have been seen recently with one having ‘BRM’ & ‘Cooper’ on the pit name boards and another having ‘Ferrari’ and ‘Vanwall’, so perhaps there were further versions produced with different pit name boards, possibly including the ‘Porsche’.

The Trackside Pit first appeared in the August 1961 Price List but was scheduled to be made available from September 1961. The building was designed to sit on the table or floor adjacent to the Track pieces but unfortunately when including these on a landscaped board the building should have been recessed into the landscaping to keep the relationship with the track level consistent. This discrepancy can be easily seen in photographs of some contemporary landscaped track layouts losing some of the realism with the pit counter appearing far too tall

B2 – Grandstand

The Grandstand building was a kit consisting of seven separate White polystyrene components, the largest being the main building which had four levels of seating with a walkway at the front behind a wall and a central stairway. The front wall had two printed advertisements for ‘Daily Express’ and ‘Motor Sport’ both in Red on Yellow rectangles. The second largest component being the cantilevered roof, which was supported at the back on four cylindrical posts that were inserted into holes at the rear of the main building on the top level. The roof was painted matt Dark Grey on the top surface and there was an advertising area running the full length of the roof featuring ‘WRENN FORMULA 152’ in Green letters & numerals. The other main component was a small stair unit that clipped onto the side of the main building unit providing access to the front walkway. The kit was completed by four standard White polystyrene Flagpoles which fitted into additional holes provided in the rear of the building unit, again on the top level, which projected above the roof-line through recesses. The kit included four gummed paper international flags to be cut from the supplied Flag Sheet. It was stated in the Catalogue that the roof was detachable allowing for an open or closed stand and that two could be placed back-to-back to form a double-sided grandstand. The prototype that was made for the publicity photograph in the Catalogue only featured three Flag Poles to the rear which seemed to be attached to the back of the stand and not protruding through the cantilevered roof as in the production version of the building. This was originally scheduled to be available during Autumn1962 but then was finally made available in November 1962.

B3 – Red Cross Hut

This building was never actually manufactured although it did feature in later editions of the Catalogue and Price lists but it was always stated as being ‘available later’. A prototype or mock-up of the hut had obviously been produced since a photograph of the building did appear in the later Catalogues.