This website is a culmination of my interest in Wrenn Formula 152 and whilst other slot racing manufacturers have produced interesting ranges in the past, and some continue to do so, my main interest is still with Wrenn Formula 152 which stems from my first contact with slot racing in the very early 60’sabout the author My enthusiasm for all slot racing was rekindled over 40 years ago with the formation of the NSCC and contact with dealers John Jude, Bill Bradley and Steve De Havilland when I started to assemble my own collection, which even included one of the factory-built landscaped circuits. I quickly discovered that of these John Jude had gained most knowledge and experience through his J & E Models business covering all aspects of slot racing, whilst being able to obtain items and ‘pick his brain’ was certainly very fruitful on both counts. He was consistently always that enthusiastic, knowledgeable, committed and approachable individual whom I first met all those years ago and I valued his friendship.

There are also three individuals whom I would like to mention after finally managing to meet. Roger Greenslade who wrote an excellent unbiased view of the history of slot-racing ‘A History of Electric Model Roads and Racetracks 1908-1985‘, Sir Holburt Waring who designed and manufactured his SRM (Scale Raceway Models) range of slot cars and finally David Boyle who was instrumental in actually picking up the pieces after Wrenn finally closed their doors on production and purchasing the residue for his Dapol company.

In order to test any interest I initially wrote a condensed short history of Wrenn Formula 152 for publication in the monthly NSCC newsletter, published in September 1998, which gave a very favorable response and provided me with a further impetus. Rob Miller had developed his own short-lived but very good website on Wrenn Formula 152 and I would have liked to collaborate with him to expand and provide more information for the enthusiasts but unfortunately due to external factors that site disappeared into the ether. So that was the catalyst for me to finally decide to collate all of the information that I had amassed over the past thirty years and produce this website for like-minded enthusiasts of Wrenn Formula 152.

The original information has been updated and corrected, where necessary, with subsequent details ‘coming to light’ over the intervening years. The significant one from that time is that I was assuming that there had been a Blue 9-Volt Maserati produced, but at that time I had just not found one. Over twenty years later, and after consulting with Wrenn collectors around the world, the common acceptance currently is that Wrenn never actually moulded one… of course unless you can prove otherwise. Hopefully this aspect means that the current website is a detailed document about Wrenn Formula 152 being as accurate as possible with the information available.

If you have any additional information on any aspect of Wrenn 152 it will be gladly received and considered for possible insertion in a future issue of the Newsletter or on the website, with acknowledgement. If you do wish to communicate then please use the e-mail link on the Contact page. Thank you for looking and I hope that you enjoy.