A circular enamelled lapel Badge was produced for Wrenn by Fattorini & Sons Ltd, 36 Barr Street, Birmingham. This chromium plated metal badge was ¾” in diameter and featured two-coloured enamelling. An outer ring was Green and featured ‘Wrenn formula 152’ in plated letters at the top and a small leaf motif (six laurel leaves?) at the bottom. In the centre of the badge there was a coloured Grand Prix car which looks very similar to the Cooper. There were two versions available, a brooch which featured a hinged pin to the rear and also a lapel badge which differed by having a rigid metal clip for inserting into a button hole. The brooch has been seen with a Yellow car and also with a Blue car so possibly other colours, such as Red or Dark Green, may have also been produced. This version featured a discernable number ‘3’ on the car’s roundel. The lapel badge has been seen with a Blue car but this car is different from the brooch version, most notably since it does not have a number on the car’s roundel and again other colours may have been produced. Both versions of the Badge were originally available free to members of the Wrenn Formula ‘152’ Drivers’ Club when paying their membership and later these were made available to buy separately as an Accessory.