Sensational New Winner!

It is assumed that this was the very first leaflet produced to introduce Wrenn Formula ‘152’ to the public since it proclaimed that ‘G. & R. Wrenn Limited proudly announce Formula ‘152’ Motor Racing’ and this was after two years of intense research and testing. It describes, in the future tense, what Wrenn would be manufacturing and it also goes on to state that a ‘deflector ramp’ would be available later. This leaflet was 10⅜” x 8⅜” overall and folded in half with printing on both sides. It included an uncredited Black & White photograph of Grand Prix racing on the cover which featured two Ferraris and a Cooper. The leaflet was printed in Black on White paper with the back cover featuring four suggested layouts (FIG. 1 – Basic Set Oval, FIG. 2 – Alternative Basic Set Oval, FIG. 3 – Figure 8 and FIG. 4 – Grand Prix Circuit ). These included the overall size of the layouts as featured later in the C1 – Circuit Leaflet. The cover featured the words ‘Sensational New Winner’ with a waved chequered flag and Wrenn’s address. Inside the leaflet both pages were filled with text describing the new Formula 152 system. A second version of this leaflet was produced with some minor internal changes but this one has the addition of a second printing colour, a bright Yellow. This must have made this version quite noticeable against the competition and well worth the added expense of this second printed colour. Finally a third version was printed but the outer front and rear cover did not change. Again there were some minor text and layout changes internally with more specific details of the initial cars and the set that were being produced. There were also half-tone illustrations included of these new Ferrari & Cooper cars which were used later within the A10 – Wrenn 152 Manual. See Newsletters No11 and No20 for details of this leaflet.
Wrenn 152 Sensational New Winner leaflet

Take this car…

This was a single sheet of glossy paper printed on both sides, it was 10” x 8” overall and folded in half to leave the leaflet 5” wide, it was printed by Glenview Press in London. The cover featured a Black & White photograph of Grand Prix racing, credited as courtesy of Motor Sport, with a superimposed illustration of a hand reaching down to the leading car, which was a Ferrari. The front cover had Lime Green printing with the words ‘Take this car…’ reversed out in White at the bottom. The first two cars in the photograph were over-printed in Red and the following two cars were over-printed Lime Green. The rear was printed the same solid Lime Green with the Wrenn Formula 152 badge, Wrenn’s address and the printer’s name in Black. Inside the leaflet the text describing the system and it’s features was printed in Black with four Red and Black line illustrations. It also mentions that an illustrated catalogue was available and refers to all of the Buildings and Accessories as well as the Wrenn Formula ‘152 Drivers’ Club.

Racing Circuits

To accompany the Catalogue a separate leaflet was initially produced just titled ‘Racing Circuits’ which was quickly updated to being then titled ‘Real Life Racing Circuits’. This free leaflet was first mentioned in the August 1961 Price List and was a single piece of White glossy paper, 15¾” x 8½”, printed on both sides and having two vertical folds making it 5¼” wide. It illustrated 16 different circuits that were titled A-Q which could be reproduced together with a list of the items of Wrenn Track sections that were required to assemble them. Some of these were basic layouts (A – Basic Set Oval, B – 4” Figure Eight, D – 8” Figure Eight, E – 4 Lane Figure Eight and F, P & Q were different 2-Level Circuits). The other circuits that could be assembled were based on actual full size racing circuits and these included those for G – Avus, H – Brands Hatch, I – Goodwood, J – Silverstone, K – Monaco, L – Monza, M – Pau, N – Aintree & O – Rheims. No one apparently noticed that there never was a ‘C’ circuit over the two different print runs but since this was all in the same Black printing it is probably not really surprising! There were three versions of the leaflet that have been seen with different background colours of Pale Yellow/Green, Pale Green and also Pale Blue. There are also small differences with the Black printing including a slightly different positioning of some of the texts. The first versions had the Yellow/Green printing just to the front cover only and the earliest version of this seen, just has the inner roundel logo on the cover whilst all later versions feature the full roundel logo with the outer ring. A definite Pale Green version of this has been seen with a date of December 1963 over-printed on the cover. Finally a Pale Blue version appeared with changes to the text, type and positions and this new colour was printed across the whole rear of the sheet, including the front, back and also onto the rear of an inside page. By the time of the 3rd version of the C1 – Catalogue, most of these circuit plans had been incorporated into the Catalogue itself leaving the use of this separate leaflet redundant.

New Product ‘flyer’

There was additionally a separate single sheet printed on glossy paper coinciding with the issue of the August 1963 Price List which featured new products and also highlighted ‘important new developments’ since the last new Catalogue had been printed. This was printed in Black on one side only, it was the same size as the Catalogue and included the new Set No 0 which had just been introduced, the Chicane Track and other Accessories. Also at this time the ‘Formula 152 Driver’s Club’ was being re-advertised. Another version of this leaflet has been seen dated October 1963 again to coincide with the issue of the new Price List. This leaflet is exactly the same as the earlier one apart from the new date.

‘Model Motor Racing’

This was ‘The Journal of the Wrenn Formula ‘152’ Drivers Club’, it was to be published quarterly and supplied as part of the club membership. The first issue was intended to be published in January 1963 but the Volume 1 Number 1 issue of ‘Model Motor Racing’ was actually dated March 1963. This printed booklet was 6½” x 8” containing eight stapled pages including the front and rear covers and was printed in Black on Pale Blue thin card. The cover featured an illustration of three Grand Prix cars (a Ferrari leading two Coopers) which was also used in one of the current model press advertisements as seen in an issue of Model Maker. The inside text was typewritten with this first issue also including two track plans and a line drawn cartoon. After the Editorial, the other featured articles were Slot Racers Change to ‘152’, East London – Championship Racing Circuit (review of the circuit and description of the 1962 South African Grand Prix), The Story of Vanwall (history of the team), News From America (items from the American hobby press) Recent Additions to ‘152’ (Editor’s review of recently introduced new ‘152’ items and cars), a section devoted to Technicalities (common questions and answers from the Wrenn ‘152’ Service Department), Club Secretaries (announcements of new ‘152’ clubs being set up), Circuit in ‘152’ – East London (track plan with list of track sections needed to reproduce the circuit) and A Portrait of a Famous Driver – No 1 Tazio Nuvolari. This mix of articles promoted Wrenn Formula ‘152’ and the Grand Prix racing scene, successfully linking both the slot car hobby and its full size counterpart. As yet it can’t be confirmed if any other issues were produced of this journal.

PECO Leaflet

PECO produced a range of small folded leaflets to promote their new Model Roads and Racing magazine during 1963/64 and these were supplied to the trade for inclusion within slot car set boxes. They were each printed in a different colour and customised for each manufacturer, for a seemingly UK-only market. These included ones seen for VIP, Scalextric, Minic, SRM and one of these was produced ‘For the Wrenn ‘152’ enthusiast’. They all included a number of standard sections but with photos of landscaped layouts of the specific manufacturer and finally there was a tear-off section at the rear of the leaflet for the owner to give to their local newsagent to place their order for the monthly reservation or delivery of the new magazine. The standard sections started with an introduction titled ‘Now that you own a Racing Set…’, then ‘Planning your circuit’, ‘Building a baseboard and adding scenery’, ‘The other chap’s circuit’ and finally ‘Maintenance’. This latter section was targeted with one of two manufacturers of oil products, BP or Shell, and the Wrenn leaflet included BP which was the chosen manufacturer in their Oil Bottle within the sets.