Besides the Wrenn factory-built layouts, there were a number of other notable landscaped layouts that were built by individuals and small clubs. In the modelling press of the time, features could be found with photos and plans of some of these Wrenn Formula 152 layouts. There was Group Three’s ‘East London Grand Prix Circuit’ (Model Roads and Racing, January 1964), Michael Scott’s ‘Brands Hatch’ (Model Roads and Racing, October 1963), GR Fraser’s portable ‘Travelling Man’s Circuit’ (Miniature Autoworld, August 1965) and finally RA Phillips’ ‘Craven Park Formula 152 Circuit’ (Model Roads and Racing, May 1964). We are very lucky that this last scenic layout is still in existence today after over 55 years of use. I wonder if any of those others are still out there?

Use the download facility opposite to view the relevant pages from the particular magazines. Some local International distributors also had scenic layouts built to promote Wrenn Formula 152 in their countries, see below.

Waldmeir, the Swiss importer, had a large two-level layout built and it was photographed for inclusion in their first German-language catalogue. Apart from using Wrenn 152 Cars, Track, two Grandstands and a number of Figures there were a number of other manufacturers’ buildings and diecast cars populating the layout. See Newsletter No18 for details and photographs of the Catalogue.

Waldmeir layout photo

Waldmeir layout photo 2

A very large display layout was built by Wentzels in Sweden using Wrenn 152 Cars, Track and Buildings and they featured it in one of their last catalogues. This was over 13′-0″, or 4.5 Metres, in length. See the relevant International Market section and Newsletter No2 for further details.

Wentzels layout photo

Finally another very large landscaped layout was built, probably with assistance from Alessandro Zeni in Milan, which was a representation of the Monza Autodromo circuit. This layout had four lanes and even included the banking sections. There were a number Trackside Pits and Grandstand buildings as well as plenty of Barrier Fence sections. It was actually specially-built to feature in the 1966 movie ‘Grand Prix’ which starred James Garner. See the article in Newsletter No19 along with a movie still, as below, and details of it’s location in the movie.

Monza Autodromo photo