I am constantly being surprised at the number of previously unknown Wrenn 152 items still being discovered, as well as unseen literature and information, after all these years. Hopefully the latterly introduced quarterly Newsletter captures any new information or recently discovered photos for discussion, however this has also provided the opportunity to have an in-depth look at any interesting element of Wrenn 152. After being published in the Newsletter the information or photos within the articles are then considered for insertion into the website if appropriate. However, due to the number of changes, I feel that it would be beneficial to provide a list of these so that any visitors returning to the site can easily identify this updated information.

Apart from minor changes and corrections as the website was being established, the first batch of significant changes to the original website have been:

  • International Markets section – French Exico information expanded and obviously ongoing
  • Accessories and Spares section – New US & French only items added
  • Newsletter Archive page added
  • Items For Sale page added
  • Updates page added – May 2018

So this is the ‘line drawn in the sand’, later important changes and additions will be listed with the relevant date of introduction below:

  • Cars section significantly upgraded with all known variants available added – June 2018
  • Factory-built Display Layouts page upgraded with information on additional layouts – September 2018