My original intention with producing the Newsletter was to have a way of sharing any new information, photos or articles that had recently surfaced and that could be later inserted into the main website as appropriate. I am delighted that I have subsequently been able to collate and generate enough content to issue the Newsletters on a quarterly basis. Initially, I took the decision to issue the Newsletters to interested parties via the e-mail request facility and latterly, as more of these issues have been produced, the earlier ones have now been placed on the website for individual download by any visitor to the site. As the new issues are released to the subscribers the previous issue will be uploaded to the archive area for general release and download. I would like to continue this, so that anyone who has previously requested to receive the Newsletters via e-mail will continue to get the very latest news via ‘subscription’ and the earlier Newsletters will be available for download via the website. If you are new to the site, sufficiently interested and would like to receive the latest Newsletters as they are produced, do please send me an e-mail request and I will add you to the growing subscriber list.

The Newsletter content in the main, is composed of hopefully interesting new articles on any aspect of Wrenn 152 from it’s years in production that are discovered and balanced with any news from today’s collectors and enthusiasts as well as any developments from within the current marketplace. So you can now download the archive Newsletter issues below by simply clicking on the relevant number icon or send me an e-mail request to receive the latest issue delivered to your Inbox on the date of issue.

Download 1  Newsletter No1 June 2016

Editorial Introduction – Surviving Layouts from the 60’s – Website Initial Thoughts – Spares – Set Box Inners – ‘Keep On Running’ – Information Appeal
Newsletter No1

Download 2  Newsletter No2 September 2016

Wrenn’s Plans for 1964 – Craven Park Layout located – Wenzels – Trade Advertisement Appeal – PECO Leaflet
Newsletter No2

Download 3  Newsletter No3 December 2016

Exico & Micro-Racers – 1964 Trade Fair in Spain report – Racing Pit variants – Marketing Collaterals – ‘New DC Motor for 1964′ Announcement
Newsletter No3

Download 4  Newsletter No4 March 2017

Pre-Production Bodyshells – Original Advertisement Artworks – Catalogues Review – Exico Advert & Literature
Newsletter No4

Download 5  Newsletter No5 June 2017

UK Slot Car Festival Review – YouTube Wrenn 152 Video – New Wrenn 152 Display Cabinet – Building a Layout – Factory Drawing found
Newsletter No5

Download 6  Newsletter No6 September 2017

Exico Micro-Racers Price List found – Racing Pit Prototypes – Wrenn DC Motor & Maximiser Motor – Wrenn 152Layout found on Ebay – Production update of new 1st Generation Box Lids – Racing Circuits Leaflets
Newsletter No6

Download 7  Newsletter No7 December 2017

Pit Area Multi-Lane Changer – 1st Generation Set Boxes – Custom Collectors – Multi-Lane Running – Wrenn 152 Paperwork
Newsletter No7

Download 8  Newsletter No8 March 2018

Factory-built Layouts – 2nd Generation Set Boxes – DC Motor Replacement – Pawl Variants
Newsletter No8

Download 9  Newsletter No9 June 2018

UK Slot Car Festival Review – Wrenn 152 car history and all variants
Newsletter No9

Download 10  Newsletter No10 September 2018

The Last Price List? – New Portable Layout – Factory-Built Layouts update
Newsletter No10

Download 11  Newsletter No11 December 2018

The Last Price List? – New Portable Layout – Factory-Built Layouts update
Newsletter No10

Download 12  Newsletter No12 March 2019

The Last Price List? – New Portable Layout – Factory-Built Layouts update
Newsletter No10

Download 13  Newsletter No13 June 2019

The Last Price List? – New Portable Layout – Factory-Built Layouts update
Newsletter No10


As usual I would like to appeal to anyone who can assist with any additional information, document scans, photos or even share personal recollections to enhance any possible future articles, so if you have anything that you would like to offer and share it would be great to hear from you.