The original intention of ‘Keep on Running’ was to have a number of spares manufactured which would be made available via the website to enable enthusiasts to maintain and race their Wrenn Formula 152 slot cars relatively cheaply rather than just having them as static models in a cabinetKEEP ON RUNNING & ITEMS FOR SALE Obviously the original spares were manufactured over fifty years ago and even if the items are available, or even still serviceable, they can sometimes be expensive to purchase.

I have therefore decided to initially have some of the Flexible Collectors re-manufactured since these seem to be the rarer items which are mostly missing from cars currently being sold. The earlier Rigid Collectors are more of an issue to have reproduced but these are under possible consideration for the future. Other common missing items are tyres but replacement urethane tyres for Wrenn cars are already available directly from a new French manufacturer who also advertises them on eBay. Under consideration at present are replacement reproduction cast resin windscreens and exhausts but the ultimate cost of these, like many other of these items, will be dependent upon the quantities needed to make their production viable.

I have also funded having a replacement 1st generation set box lid and all new artwork has had to be generated to enable this. The majority of set boxes seem to have damaged lids with missing sections or sides and this will hopefully then enable you to replace your tatty or broken set box lid to something very presentable, almost like new but obviously a reproduction item. See the For Sale section below for availability. The artwork for the various 2nd generation set boxes has finally been generated although the decision on which lid(s) to produce will be dependant upon demand.

The first reproduction resin exhausts for the Maseratis, the Vanwalls, BRM & Porsches have arrived and these are listed below. Finally replacement windscreens are also in the pipeline for production but these will probably be available mid 2019, so more news on these will appear here hopefully soon. Watch this space for updates.

With my interest in Wrenn Formula 152 over the past thirty years I have managed to amass a collection of many of the Formula 152 items manufactured by Wrenn but I am now intending to sell a number of duplicated items and will be starting to list these under the ‘Keep on Running’ banner alongside the new and reproduction spares listed above. These will include cars, buildings, spares and accessories with some of them being boxed or bagged as appropriate or available.

Should you wish to have a specific item considered for remaking I would be grateful if you could let me know so that I can evaluate if there would be sufficient interest in having the item reproduced in sufficient quantities.

As mentioned on the Getting Started page, if you are wishing to try Wrenn 152, but do not want to invest a lot of money sampling a set, as an introduction I have decided to make up some complete ‘starter’ sets. These will be available at relatively cheap prices. If you are then sufficiently interested you may wish to progress and consider other items. So do please let me know via the message facility if you are looking to get started.

ITEMS FOR SALE – June 2019

The cars below are cleaned and tested prior to being offered for sale. They are complete and ideal for displaying, however the original tyres are all over 50 years old so an additional new pair of rear urethane tyres will also be included so that the car can be raced. Please request for further details and photos.

RC1 Ferrari Red (Boxed £45.00 and unboxed £35.00)
RC2 Cooper Dark Green (Boxed £45.00 and unboxed £35.00)
RC3 Ferrari Yellow (Boxed £45.00 and unboxed £35.00)
RC4 Cooper Blue (Boxed £45.00 and unboxed £35.00)
RC5 Maserati Red (Boxed £55.00 and unboxed £45.00)
RC6 Vanwall Light Green (Boxed £55.00 and unboxed £45.00)
RC7 Maserati Blue (Boxed £55.00 and unboxed £45.00)
RC8 Vanwall Yellow (Unboxed £45.00)

RC4 Cooper Blue (Unboxed £65.00)
RC5 Maserati Red (Unboxed £75.00)
RC6 Vanwall Light Green (Unboxed £75.00)
RC7 Maserati Blue (Boxed £85.00 and unboxed £75.00)
RC8 Vanwall Yellow (Unboxed £75.00)

T20 Deflector Straight (Boxed £25.00 and unboxed £18.00)
T21 Chicane Set (Boxed £15.00 and unboxed £8.00)
T40 Lap Counter (Boxed £25.00 and unboxed £18.00)

COOPER-FERRARI (KLG BP LUCAS) (Mint boxed £60.00 and mint unboxed £45.00)
COOPER-FERRARI (KLG BP LUCAS) (Cheaper versions are available, contact for details)
MASERATI-VANWALL (BP DUNLOP BP) (Mint boxed £60.00 and mint unboxed £45.00)

NEW ITEMS – The following are all new items that have been produced to help current Wrenn 152 collectors and enthusiasts keep their collection working and also looking in prime condition.

REPRODUCTION 1st GENERATION SET BOX LIDS (as featured in Newsletter)
These have been displayed at the recent Slot Car Festival. Currently these are available for £28.50 each plus postage.

Maserati – £4.45 each plus postage.
Vanwall – £4.45 each plus postage.
BRM (LH and RH pair) – £19.50 for pair plus postage.
Porsche (Engine and fan cover) – £19.50 for both plus postage.

REPRODUCTION INJECTION MOULDED WINDSCREENS – Now available October 2019 – These have been manufactured in conjunction with RUSC.
Ferrari – £3.50 each plus postage.
Cooper – £3.50 each plus postage.
Vanwall – £3.50 each plus postage.
Maserati – £3.50 each plus postage.
BRM – £9.95 each plus postage.
Porsche – £9.95 each plus postage.

ACRYLIC DISPLAY CASE (to display a collection of up to 12No Cars)
An example of this case has been shown at the previous Slot Car Festivals, see the relative reports in the Newsletters. If you are interested in this high quality item please request the data sheet with photos. These are custom manufactured and currently are £115.00 plus postage each, although if ordering multiple ones can benefit from a discount.

NEWSLETTER PRINTS A5 SIZE, HARD COPY (Issues 1-12 available)
Would you like some good quality prints of the Newsletters? These were displayed at the recent Slot Car Festival and are printed on glossy white paper with high resolution photos. The price for a full set (Issues No1 – No12 inclusive) is £18.50 plus postage and they would benefit certainly from being displayed in a suitable folder.

These were displayed as above but they are printed on gloss white card. The pair are available for £3.00 plus postage.

If you are interested in any of the above items please email a request to me to check on availability and if you would also like further details or photos of any of the specific item/s do please let me know. I can then prepare a total invoice for you with the accompanying postage or shipping charges.

STOP PRESS – Reproduction white metal Cooper and Ferrari exhausts as well as spoked Wheels are under consideration,as of October 2019.