The Wrenn Formula ‘152’ Drivers’ Clubwrenn formula 152 drivers club was formed in 1962 to promote Wrenn Formula 152. Owners were automatically eligible to join the club and membership entitled them to receive a Badge, a membership card and the quarterly club bulletins which were to be subsequently produced.

The application form was printed in Black on Pale Green thin card with a perforated return section for registering. One of these was included within each of the Sets and on sending a Postal Order to Wrenn for 2/6d (12½p in current money) the member could enrol for a year and select to receive either a free brooch or lapel badge, with the type being subject to availability.

‘Model Motor Racing’ was the Journal of the Wrenn Formula ‘152’ Drivers Club, it was to be published quarterly and supplied as part of the club membership. The first issue was intended to be published in January 1963 however the Volume 1 Number 1 issue was actually dated March 1963. This printed booklet was 6½” x 8” containing eight stapled pages including the front and rear covers and was printed in Black on Pale Blue thin card. The cover featured an illustration of three Grand Prix cars (a Ferrari leading two Coopers) which was also used in one of the current model press advertisements as seen in an issue of Model Maker. The inside text was typewritten with this first issue also including two track plans and a line drawn cartoon. After the Editorial, the other featured articles were Slot Racers Change to ‘152’, East London – Championship Racing Circuit (review of the circuit and description of the 1962 South African Grand Prix), The Story of Vanwall (history of the team), News From America (items from the American hobby press) Recent Additions to ‘152’ (Editor’s review of recently introduced new ‘152’ items and cars), a section devoted to Technicalities (common questions and answers from the Wrenn ‘152’ Service Department), Club Secretaries (announcements of new ‘152’ clubs being set up), Circuit in ‘152’ – East London (track plan with list of track sections needed to reproduce the circuit) and A Portrait of a Famous Driver – No 1 Tazio Nuvolari. This mix of articles promoted Wrenn Formula ‘152’ and the Grand Prix racing scene, successfully linking both the slot car hobby and its full size counterpart. As yet it can’t be confirmed if any other issues were produced of this Journal.