The first Price List No 1 was issued in September 1960 to coincide with the launch to the public and was printed in Dark Blue on a single side of Pale Blue paper. The next numbered Price List issued was No 2 which was dated February 1961 and this was quickly followed by No 3 in April 1961. These first three Price Lists were all printed onto one side only. After that the next, although unnumbered, was issued in August 1961 which was now printed on both sides of the sheet. Some of these have been seen overprinted in Red with the notification of a Purchase Tax surcharge and the corresponding subsequent price increases. The next Price List seen was issued in July 1962 and this one is printed on very Pale Pink paper. The next one was issued in November 1962, this time back on the Pale Green paper with this one advertising the ‘new’ Maserati and Vanwall cars. The next Price List seen was issued in August 1963 this time printed in Mid Brown onto Pale Cream paper. The next one seen is dated October 1963 printed in Blue on Pale Blue paper and a further Price list has recently been seen dated August 1964, printed in Black on Pale Green paper. This Price List seems to be the last typeset one produced.

All of the later Retail Price Lists were typewritten on Orange paper whilst the Trade Price Lists were typewritten on White Paper. These included Wrenn’s railway items and the Master Mariner prices on the reverse side.

The importer/distributors in other countries had their own Price Lists printed and a number of these have been seen. For details of these, please refer to the International Markets section and the various Newsletters.

RETAIL PRICE LISTS – These were all typeset and printed in various colours on different coloured papers of the same size, 5″ x 8¼”. 

  • No 1 – September 1960 – single-sided
  • No 2 – February 1961 – single-sided
  • No 3 – April 1961 – single-sided
  • August 1961 – Two versions seen. The later one has the increase in Purchase Tax charge overprinted in Red on the front.
  • November 1961
  • July 1962
  • November 1962
  • August 1963
  • October 1963
  • August 1964

The following are just typewritten on a single sheet of Orange coloured, quarto-sized paper (8″x10″) with the Wrenn Model Railways track items and the Master Mariner price lists on the rear.

  • March 1965
  • May 1965
  • November 1965
  • August 1966
  • February 1967

It is more than likely that some other interim ones probably do exist but as yet these have not been seen, in order to document them. So, until any of these additional ones are discovered, these listed above remain the only ones which we can say with any assurance that they exist.

GRAND PRIX RANGE – There is however one from 1967 which is titled ‘Grand Prix Electric Model Motor Racing’ and although it is titled ‘Temporary Price List/Order Form’, it does seem to be the only one currently seen recording Wrenn’s ‘Grand Prix’ range. This quarto-sized, typewritten Price List was included within the 9-Volt Set boxes and had a tear-off section at the bottom of the sheet to send to the factory for any items with the remittance. It includes the limited number of Cars available from the 9-Volt range, some Track items, a much reduced range of Accessories and a few Spares were also listed. All of these items were only available direct from the manufacturer.